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Jodie Woods

Jodie Woods popularly known as JustJodieWoods (on the social media); is a beautiful free spirit 12 yr old aspiring singer, dancer and curvy model from Calabassas, LA, Carlifonia, USA.

She.s popularly known online as the little sister to the famous Wilhemia international INC curvy model; Jordyn Woods (who is also Kylie Jenner,s bestfriend). This has attracted her a huge instagram and twitter following.

she currently has 500 twitter followers and 500 instagram followers; which is huge for a little girl who hasn,t attained celebrity statues or actualised her dream of being a successful model, singer and dancer.

Jordie Woods Parents

Jordie Woods parents are Elizabeth Woods and late John Woods. Elizabeth Woods is a talent and brand manager at Mixed Image Media and Woods Marketting Group. John Woods (Jodie Wood,s father) died on the 18th of january 2017. John Woods was a sound engineer for television.

Jordie Woods Siblings

Jordie Woods currently has 3 siblings; Joshua Woods, Jordyn Woods and John Woods.


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