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Linda Ikeji Net Worth 2017

Linda Ikeji net worth (success as a blogger) has proven to every Nigerian that no talent or passion (hobby) is unprofitable (a pastime). Almost every talent (passion) can be monetized.

A hobby gossip news blog (lindaikeji.blogspot.com) that Linda Ikeji started in 2006 (with no intension of making money from it), has made Linda Ikeji be amongst the top 10 richest people in Nigeria. In case you haven,t heard, Linda Ikeji is arguably the richest Nigerian Blogger.

The estimated net worth of Linda Ikeji (as of 2017) is 4.6 billion Naira.

The findings of a research carried out by John-Paul Iwuoha; the blogger at smallstarter.com reveals that, Linda Ikeji makes not less than $65,000 from her blog every month. That,s an amount which is 10 times greater than the monthly salary of Buhari (your president).

Somebody may likely want to ask, how does linda Ikeji make money ?.

How Linda Ikeji makes money.

Many Nigerians find it very difficult to believe that Linda Ikeji is a billionaire. They don,t see how a person can become a billionaire by publishing Nigerian gossip news online.

How  can a blogger earn an amount per month that,s 50 times greater than the monthly salary of a newspaper publisher or a national TV journalist?.  If you are one of those doubting Thomases, today your doubt will be clerified. I,m going to tell you how linda Ikeji made every Kobo of her estimated net worth (4.6 billionaira).

Linda Ikeji makes money from her popular blog (lindaikejisblog.com LIB blog), the Linda Ikeji Mobile Blog App and from her social networking website (lindaikejisocial.com AKA LIS).

How Linda Ikeji makes money from her blog (lindaikejisblog.com LIB blog).

To many people, Google is just a search engine, but Google is not only a search engine. Google is also an online advertisement platform. Google runs an internet advertising service on their search engine called AdWords. I,m very sure you must have heard about Google AdWord service before. Its the most popular internet advertising service.

Internet advertisers sign up to Google’s AdWords (the Google advertisement service)  to create ads that will be displayed alongside the Google search results .The screenshots below shows you some of the Google AdWords Ads.

So internet advertisers use the Google search engine to advertise various products and services to the billions of Google search engine users looking for relevant products and services.

Google Adword is a pay per click advertisement service. Google charges advertisers who advertise their products and services on their search engine using a pay pay per click payment system. Simply put, each time a Google search engine user clicks on an ad that has been displayed alongside the Google search results, the advertiser (whose ad was clicked) will be charged for that click.If no one clicks on their ads, they don’t pay Google.

The cost of a click on an ad varies from 0.04 cents to $80 depending on the product or service that,s being advertised.The advertiser sets a monthly budget and decides the maximum amount that they’re willing to pay each time someone clicks on their ad.

To cut a long story short, the Google internet advertising service (Google AdWords) is Google,s number one source of income.

What,s Google Adsense?.

In 2003 Google launched the Google Adsense advertisement partnership program.

Due to the fact that the number of internet advertisers who wish to advertise their products and services on the Google search engine (via Google AdWords) became too much for Google to handle, Google decided to create an Advertisement partnership program in order to display their excess Adword Ads on the websites and blogs of other website owners.

So bloggers and webmasters sign up to the Google advertisement partnership program ( Google Adsense) so that Google can also display their ads on their websites or blogs and make money each time an ad on their website or blog is clicked.

How the Google adsense partners make money from their websites and blogs. 

Each time a Google sponsored ad which has been displayed on their websites or blogs is clicked, they share the cost of the click with Google.  Let,s take for example that a Google ad (which has been displayed on Linda Ikeji,s blog) is clicked by one of her blog readers, Linda Ikeji will take 68% of the cost of the click while Google takes a 32% cut. So if the cost of a click on a Google ad which has been displayed on Linda Ikeji,s blog is $2, then Linda Ikeji will earn 68% of $2 ($1.36) each time that ad is clicked. The more web visitors to a blog, the higher the probability of more blog readers to find the Google ads relevant and likely to click on them for the Google adsense partners to make money.

How Linda Ikeji makes money from her social networking website.

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