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Mark Angel real name Mark Angel, age:42 (born on August 23, 1975) is a popular Nigerian comedian who came under the spotlight in 2015 after uploading several short comedy videos on YouTube in the form of episodes featuring him and his little funny niece called Emmanuella. At the moment the Mark Angel Comedy YouTube channel is the most subscribed channel on YouTube owned by a Nigerian with exactly 534,376 subscribers and 118,001,295 views on YouTube beating the likes of AY the comedian, the MAVINS, and P-SQUARE . According to our estimates Mark Angel Comedy videos generates over 3 million Naira every month from YouTube ads views.

Mark Angel also runs the popular website markangelcomedy.com which receives not less than 80,000 visitors per Month.


Mark Angel (the founder of Mark Angel Comedy) grew up in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. He came from a small family of three kids, with his parents.  Mark Angel dropped out of school and went to learn photography; a career that has tranformed him to a millionaire and a superstar today. According to him, he dropped out of school due to financial issues. In one of his interviews,  he revealed that he gained admission to study Medicine at Obafemi Awolowo University in 2008, but his uncle, whom he thought would sponsor his education passed away about the same time. So he could not go to school that year and so he came to Lagos to stay with a friend. After arriving at Lagos, he decided not to go to school again and  he doesn,t regret his decision because he said, he would not have found fulfilment practising as a doctor. Becoming a doctor wasn,t his dream (something he was passionate about). Just like many Nigerians he initially wanted to study medicine because his aunt wanted him to be a medical doctor. After dropping out of school (due to the death of his uncle) Mark Angel decided to venture in to photography, and from there, he went into Nollywood business, working as an MC at events. Soon, he started shooting movies with Denilson Igwe. That was how they started (Mark Angel Comedy started).

Mark Angel Comedy Business

After Mark Angel has been doing photography for a while, he started uploading short funny videos on YouTube using the brand Mark Angel Comedy in 2011 . Before that, he was a member of a theatre group, Gingertainment and they performed stage dramas, especially comedy. He went from school to school. After studying cinematography in India, he joined Nollywood. He did a couple of productions, but his Nollywood experience was a bit brief because of his mum. He says his mother is an evangelist and she was sceptical about some of the movies he edited. He then sought other ways to channel his talent. He also worked as a security guard.

His friend, Dennison Igwe, suggested that they start their own media company. They did skits which they put on the Internet (YouTube) but it was not successful. However they still continued uploading videos on YouTube because according to him they were passionate about comedy and not for money. Mark Angel Comedy videos finally came under the spotlight in 2013 after Mark Angel published a funny video titled not my real face  on YouTube, which featured her 5 yrs old niece called Emmanuella.


How did you discover Emmanuella?
When she was born, we realised she was capable of being influenced positively. She did everything she was told to do even though she was really young. Also, we realised that she was talented. We simply groomed her and introduced her to showbiz.
Is she your daughter?’
No, she is not. She is my niece. She has lived with my family ever since she was born even though her parents are alive. We are a large family and we lived together in the past.
How do you get Emmanuella to memorise her lines?
We try to make her form a mental picture of whatever we want her to do. She in turn interprets it the best way she understands it. Sometimes, we have to go through the process over and over again before accomplishing what we want. As a smart child, she asks why she is made to do a particular thing in a particular way and we explain to her.
What are some of the challenges you encounter while working with her?
It takes a lot of patience to work with children. She is not the only child in the company; there are some other children too. She has the tendency to skip her lines but she still comes back to it. Every now and then, we end up not achieving anything when we go to shoot. She likes to gist with her friends and has a way of infusing whatever she discussed with her friends into her lines. We try not to shoot in the presence of other children. Anytime she does not get anything right, I just let her be or let her sleep. I do not know how it happens but whenever she wakes up from sleep, she gets everything right. Some time ago, I cried on set.
Why did you cry?
One day we were rehearsing for the This is not my real face skit. There were about 27 children on set and they could not get anything right for about three hours. I instructed them not to look at the camera, but they kept looking at it. We had only one day to shoot, edit and distribute. I was frustrated and started to cry. I did not know what happened even though we had prayed. She walked up to me and told me not to give up on them and that they would get everything right. It took me a while to recover. That was the most emotional moment of my life. She said it would be the best video. Immediately she said that, all the other children picked up and we did not spend more than 30 minutes. It happened like magic.

As at the time of writing this post with close to 100 videos Mark Angel’s YouTube channel is the most subscribed channel on YouTube Nigeria with exactly 534,376 subscribers and 118,001,295 views on YouTube beating the likes of AY comedian, MAVINS, PSQUUARE and more… According to our estimates Mark Angel Comeddy makes over 3million Naira every month from Youtube ads views.

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