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How To Register a Domain Name

Ever wondered how to register a domain name for your website or blog? if yes! then this article was specifically written for you. In this i,m going to show you where to register your domain name and how to register a domain name. Ok let,s get down to businesss.

Domain name registration procedures.

Step 1 Go to the Godaddy website. Godaddy is a domain registration website. A domain registration website is a website where domain names are registered.

Step 2. Check the availability of your domain name. I already explained how to check the availability of a domain name.

Step 3. After you have found a domain name thats still available (not yet registered), click on the Continue to Cart button to add the domain name to your cart and click on proceed to move to the next phase of the domain name registration process. Take a look at the screenshot below and see what i have done and copy my example.


Step 4 After clicking on the continue to Cart button, you will arrive at this page.

At this phase Godaddy will ask you if you will like to subscribe to their Privacy Protection and Privacy&Business Protection services. Domain Privacy Protection is a service that protects your contact details.It should be noted that when you register a domain,  your name, address, email and phone number will be published in a public directory; where anybody can view your contact information. If you don,t want your contact details to be published in the public directory where the hackers, spammers, scammers and other malicious people can view it, then you will need to subscribe to the domain main privacy service. However if you don,t have enough money to subscribe to the service, just click on No Thanks. You can subscribe to the service laterAfter you have done that, scroll down.

At the bottom Godaddy will ask you if you will be interested in creating a custom email like username@yourdomain.com which looks more professional and credible than the common Yahoo and Gmail. If you are not interested in the custom email service, just click on the Continue button to proceed to the next phase.

Step 5. At this phase, you just need to check to make user that no unwanted service has been added to your cart and then click on the proceed to checkout button.

Step 6. Create an Accoun on Godaddy and Proceed to the check out stage.

Step 7. Choose your preferred payment method and pay for the domain name. After you have successfully paid for the domain name, the domain name will be yours. So thats the way domain names or web address are registered.

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