What is a blog?

A blog is a type of website or a section of a website where a person known as a blogger regularly writes and publish articles (blog posts) about topics that interest him or her or a target audience.

A blog website is a medium where you (the blogger) can freely express/share your thoughts, opinion, ideas or wealth of information/knowledge with the world.

For example the most popular/trending topic in USA right now (this November 2016) is the race to the white house. You may have a certain political candidate that you dislike so much and don’t want him or her to enter the prestigious white house. Apart from your family members, friends, relatives and colleagues, you may also want other people to know how badly you dislike ummm let’s take for example Hillary Clinton. There’s no way you can go to your local radio or TV station and say what you hate about her so as to influence the decision of her fans especially if the heads of your local radio or TV stations are Democrats. In that case you can simply create a blog and start publishing articles about all the things you hate about her. Who knows, after publishing your first article on your blog, it can go rival and catch the attention of Donald Trump and Donald Trump may decide to buy your ideas and use it as a weapon against Hillary Clinton or even give you the opportunity to speak at the Republican National Convention and that may land you a job as a political commentator in one of the top media in US.

Summarily, you can create a blog to write and publish articles about things that interest you or any topic you are passionate about. For example if you love cooking and also know how to cook so well, you can simply start a food blog to share your cooking tips to the world. You can even create a blog and make it your own online reality show where you regularly write about your family affairs. What I’m insinuating is that, blogs can be created by anybody and for whatever purpose. It’s the simplest and the cheapest medium that you can use to share your opinion, ideas or knowledge with the world.

How to identify a blog
Most blogs usually have a comment section beneath the published articles where the audience (web visitors) of a particular blog can also share their opinion about a particular blog post (topic that a blogger has written about). Almost every blog has a comment section. So if you visit any website and you see “write a comment” or “tell us what you think” or “share your ideas” or “speak your mind” or “leave a reply” or “leave a comment below”, with a comment box underneath it, you are looking at a blog website.

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