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What is a domain name?

If you wish to create your own website or start a blog, the first thing you will need is a domain name. A domain name is the unique or specific characters that we usually type in to the address bar of our web browsers whenever we want to visit or access any website. For example facebook.com, twitter.com, amazon.com, pinkgoodies.com, wordpress.org, comofficialwebsite.com etc are examples of domain names.

A domain name is just another name for a web address. It’s popularly called web address because it is what takes us to a particular website. It’s like the address of a website. Just like a house address will enable us to visit a particular site (house) in this world, a domain name (web address) will also enable you to visit any site on the World Wide Web (the virtual world).

It should be noted that the internet (World Wide Web) is just like another world (the virtual world or e-world) and a web site is simply a place (site) on the World Wide Web (in the virtual world) where the web contents (properties) for an individual or a company has been hosted (kept) for public access. A domain name—such as “icann.org”—is essentially the address of a person or an organization on the Internet. It is the address that other people can use to find you on line or locate a particular content that you have stored online. Your domain can also become your online identity. For example, businesses typically register domain names with their company name and sometimes also register their product names. Individuals often register family names or other names that have personal meaning. Summarily, your domain name is simply the address of your home, company or store in the e-world (internet). Internet users will use it to access web contents on your website.


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